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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, shipping flawless User Interfaces (UIs) efficiently is a significant asset for growth-driven companies. Adopting tools and practices that facilitate seamless UI testing and validation can make a notable difference in product development timelines and stakeholder satisfaction. One such tool at the forefront of this revolution is Chromatic.

In this article, we delve deep into how Chromatic, in tandem with Storybook, Figma, and modern CI/CD pipelines, can significantly reduce the time-to-market for delivering modern component driven UIs, ensuring fast delivery of world-class digital products.

The Power of Chromatic with Storybook

Chromatic is a visual testing platform built for Storybook. Here's how it powers up our UI delivery:

  • Automated Visual Testing: By capturing screenshots of your Storybook stories, Chromatic identifies visual changes, ensuring that any UI modifications remain intentional and verified.

  • Interaction Tests: Beyond static visuals, Chromatic can also snapshot different states of a component (like hover, clicked, or disabled states), ensuring interactions remain consistent throughout iterations.

  • Cloud-hosted Storybook: Chromatic offers a versioned, cloud-hosted environment for Storybook. This is invaluable for sharing component states with stakeholders, ensuring accessibility, and collaborating with remote teams.

  • Streamline Development: With Chromatic's visual testing, our modern component-driven development process remains error-free and agile.

  • Improved Collaboration: Chromatic bridges the gap between designers, developers, and stakeholders, facilitating clear communication and swift sign-offs.

Bridging the Gap: CI/CD & Figma Workflows

Seamless integration is crucial for speed and efficiency. Let's examine how Chromatic facilitates this:

  • CI/CD Integration: Linking Chromatic with your CI/CD pipeline ensures that visual tests run with every code push, catching visual regressions early and reducing costly back-and-forth during late stages.

  • Figma Collaboration: Connecting Figma designs directly with Chromatic ensures design consistency. Stakeholders can validate the real-world component side-by-side with the design, streamlining sign-offs.

Figma Variants and Storybook Component Variants

Variants are a transformative feature in Figma and component-driven development:

  • Figma Variants: This feature allows designers to consolidate multiple components into a single "master" component, with different properties. For instance, a button can have variants like "primary", "secondary", or "disabled".

  • Storybook Component Variants: Similar to Figma's approach, developers can showcase different versions of a component within Storybook. With Chromatic, each of these variants can be automatically tested and documented.

Versioned Component Documentation with Chromatic

Documentation is essential, and Chromatic elevates it by:

  • Auto-generating Docs: With every Storybook push, Chromatic can generate version-specific component documentation, ensuring teams always reference the latest component specifications.

  • Facilitating WQA's Workflow: At WQA, we leverage Chromatic's versioned documentation for consistent, component-driven development. It aids in onboarding, reduces knowledge silos, and ensures our UI components are always used as intended.

Bringing it together with WQA and a Chromatic workflow

Gather UI feedback in one place

With Chromatic we can publish a Storybook instance to a secure cloud workspace. Stakeholders can review UI easier and give feedback faster.

  • Publish Storybook to review: Publish your Storybooks to a secure shared workspace that’s accessible to your team.

  • Request feedback: Assign teammates to give you feedback on works in progress and approve the finished UI.

  • Comment on look and feel: Make precise comments on styling, behaviour, and interaction. This makes change requests clear and actionable.

Pinpoint UI bugs instantly

With Chromatic we can check for visual bugs in every story, across browsers and screen sizes, whenever code is pushed.

  • Comprehensive UI coverage: Ensure users get a consistent look and feel across your entire component library.

  • Automated testing with CI: All components get tested every commit automatically. Have 100% confidence in UI every time you ship.

  • Instant test results: Tests complete in seconds because all components are tested in parallel. No waiting for CI to finish.

  • Every pixel matters: Minor tweaks can trigger major UI bugs. Chromatics eagle-eyed algorithm catches the subtlest UI changes.

Build in Storybook, reuse everywhere

We can index every component in your projects so that teammates can find and reuse your work.

  • Browse your team’s Storybooks: Explore UI components from across your company in one place without touching code or a repository.

  • Searchable component libraries: Find out how and where UI components are used in your projects.

  • Always up to date: Every time you push code, your library is auto updated. No more digging through commits or versions.

Integrate with your existing CI/CD tools

We can integrate with leading devops tooling to supercharge your workflow without adding more work.

  • Set up in seconds :No-hassle integrations with your existing version control and CI tools.

  • Fully automated: You get best practice defaults that are fully customizable. Chromatic runs automatically whenever you push code.

  • Custom workflows: Sequence operations with three PR checks: Publish, Review, and Test. Each check tracks a different part of the UI process.


Tools like Chromatic, when integrated with platforms like Figma and Storybook, offer a competitive edge. For WQA, they're not just tools; they're catalysts, propelling us to deliver excellence at speed. By leaning on automated visual testing, streamlined workflows, and efficient stakeholder communications, we can confidently say the future of UI delivery is here, and it's more robust than ever.

Power-up your
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Power-up your digitial delivery

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Copyright © WQA 2023. All Right Reserved.

Build Better, Grow Faster

Delivering End to End Software Solutions, with a Cloud Native Advantage

Copyright © WQA 2023. All Right Reserved.

Build Better, Grow Faster

Delivering End to End Software Solutions, with a Cloud Native Advantage

Copyright © WQA 2023. All Right Reserved.